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Natural Eye Makeup

About Natural Eye Makeup

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Did you know that your eyes are one of the most easily irritated areas on your body? In our experience, not all "natural" cosmetic companies understand that. At RAWW, we want you to look amazing and feel confident that you’re taking care of yourself. That's why we cut the crap out of our natural eye makeup range. NO parabens, NO talc, NO bismuth oxychloride, NO synthetic fragrances, NO chemicals, NO petrochemicals and NO BS! With our range of eye makeup suitable for sensitive eyes, you can bat those gorgeous eyes worry-free.

Heavy makeup is out, natural eye makeup is in!

Our eye makeup is here to help you create natural makeup looks that look “real”. Think fluffy brows, long lashes and naturally defined eyes. Whether you’re in need of a stunning eyeshadow palette, a natural eyeliner, long-lasting brow pencil or a volumising organic mascara, your natural eye makeup look will always be just the way you want it.

We want you to feel fabulous and confident in the skin you’re in, and we love a good “no-makeup” look. A touch of mascara to lengthen your lashes, a little bit of brow pencil to define and frame, a natural eye pencil to create the occasional smokey eye. It’s true what they say, less is more!

Superfood-charged eye makeup

Our superfood-infused makeup range is perfect for all you wide-eyed, natural beauties out there, with everything from Moringa Oil infused mascara to natural brow makeup made with Babassu Oil. We love Coconut Oil to nourish and hydrate, Moringa Oil for length and growth and protein-rich Chia Seed to give you stronger lashes that won’t break.

Thanks to RAWW’s Superfood ingredients, our mascaras are gentle on sensitive eyes, while still creating a more dramatic effect for your eye makeup. They add fullness and volume to your lashes, giving you a wider, brighter gaze without causing irritation. Packed full of Superfood and natural ingredients, our eye makeup is ideal for those looking for makeup for sensitive eyes.

Shop our natural and superfood-infused eye makeup online today! It’s the perfect time to add a few new products to your natural makeup collection.