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Natural Face Cleansers

About Natural Face Cleansers

The best natural face cleansers for clear, smooth skin

We’ll let you in on a secret: skincare doesn’t need to be complicated! We’re all about simple skincare that gets the job done and leaves us with smooth, glowy and hydrated skin. That’s why the RAWW girl never, ever skips cleansing. No matter your skin type, using a gentle cleanser is the essential first step of any skincare routine, and it’s the single BEST thing you can do to get the clear, smooth complexion of your dreams.

Cleanse twice a day for squeaky-clean skin

Looking for that fresh feel? In the morning, a face wash wakes up your skin, clears away sweat and oil, and preps your skin for makeup. When nighttime rolls around, it’s a really good idea to double cleanse. The first cleanse melts all traces of makeup and sunscreen, and removes any pollution that might have built up on your face during the day (thank you, city life!). Then, the second cleanse gives your skin a deep clean. It gets rid of the excess oil and bacteria that cause breakouts, and leaves your skin feeling happy and calm.

Once or twice a week, add an exfoliating cleanser to your routine. Our natural face scrubs unclog pores and slough off rough, dead skin cells for a more even skin texture. The result? Fresh, radiant skin you’ll want to show off!

Face Cleansers for All Skin Types

Cleansers come in a few types of formulas, and you can take your pick! Here’s the lowdown. For that first cleanse, it’s hard to go past natural micellar water. Imagine your makeup remover wipes got an upgrade, and you’re on the right track! The water-based formula is packed with moisturising ingredients to cleanse your skin without stripping it, and you can apply it with a cotton round. 

Cleansing oils are another great option, and they feel luxe on all skin types. They’re easy to use, too. Just massage the oil onto dry skin to lift any impurities and clear up congestion, then wipe it off with a warm washcloth.

For your morning cleanse or the second part of your double cleanse, reach for a gel cleanser. The best cleanser for sensitive skin, it purifies and soothes the skin while infusing it with superfoods to lock in hydration. Follow up with your serum, moisturiser or face oil, and you’re done!

Cleansers powered with clean skincare ingredients 

When you’re cleansing twice a day, you want to make sure you’re treating your skin to the best possible ingredients. We’ve got you! 

All of our hydrating cleansers contain Superfoods, vitamins and all-natural ingredients to cleanse and calm your skin. Some of our customers have even said our labels sound like a list of what’s in their pantry! You might see Macadamia and Avocado Oil to nourish and soften, and Coconut Water to give your skin a hit of hydration. Aloe Vera plumps and soothes the skin, while Goji Berry dials up your glow with the help of antioxidants. If you’re dealing with irritation or dullness, Kakadu Plum gets rid of bacteria and reduces redness and pesky pimples.

Plus, we’re committed to keeping it clean. We follow safe, ethical business practices in our production processes. Our skincare is completely Australian-made, as well as certified vegan and cruelty-free. 


Wake up to clear, healthy skin with proper cleansing

Whether you spend 5, 10 or 15 minutes doing your skincare, cleansing is always the first step. Shop our range of micellar waters and natural cleansers, and treat your skin to a deep clean twice a day.