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About Aromatherapy

Discover the superpowers of aromatherapy

Want to stress less, find balance or feel more energetic? We feel you! Our shiny new aromatherapy range can help you do all that and more, with 100% natural and pure essential oils to relax and match every mood. Our essential oil blends, candles, mists and rollerballs will take your self-care to another level!

Go on… Fill up that bubble bath, grab a book or a glass of vino, and unwind in the best way we know how: with aromatherapy!

Shop our range of home fragrances

At RAWW Cosmetics, we’re big believers in a balanced lifestyle, and we love using the best essential oils at home and on the go. The options really are endless!

When you’re WFH or having a Netflix-and-chill night, light an aromatherapy candle or pop a few drops of our essential oil into an aroma diffuser. Choose from our single essential oils, like Peppermint to ease headaches, Orange to give you a serious energy boost, Lemongrass to turn your home into a spa or Lavender to help you drift off to sleep. 

We also have a bunch of ready-to-go essential oil blends that combine a few together for super powerful results. Whether you want to calm down, feel more alert, improve your immunity or get in the mood (wink, wink), there’s an essential oil blend for you! Since our essential oils are high-quality, they can be applied topically too. Just blend them with one of our superfood carrier oils and massage them in whenever you want to relax.

Aromatherapy on the go

Our essential oil rollers are one of our handbag must-haves. We don’t leave the house without them, and you’ll become addicted to them, too! Available in our signature blends, they’re perfect to pop on your temples, wrists and the nape of your neck whenever you need a moment. 

For on-the-go goodness, check out our matching mood mists. You can either spritz them in the air to fill your home with aromatic fragrance, or spray your face whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

Choose From Our Range of Potent and Natural Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, but a lot of brands add nasties like synthetic fragrances and other chemicals to their essential oil blends. Not us!

Here’s our RAWW-some aromatherapy promise to you: all of our Australian essential oils are 100% pure and extracted from one plant source. They’re then distilled directly into the bottles before they’re shipped to you. We don’t adulterate, dilute or mix our organic essential oils with anything else, so you can be sure you’re getting the best botanical goodness. 

So go on, treat yourself to the best essential oil blends! Self-care never goes out of style. Shop our range of aromatherapy oils, aromatherapy candles and oil diffusers online.