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17th of September, 2021

What is tantouring? The guide to contouring with face tan

Bree Pearce
What is tantouring? The guide to contouring with face tan

Combine fake tan with a traditional contour application method, and you end up with tantouring.

This process of using your facial self-tanner as you would with contour products delivers the tan you want, with improved definition and a more natural and longer-lasting finish. While it sounds simple in theory, in practice, there’s a few handy tips and tricks you’ll need to know for the ultimate tantour finish. Here’s our ultimate guide on how to tantour.

Remove makeup & prep the skin

Preparation is key to achieving your best look, no matter what products you’re using. Our Purify-ME Gentle Micellar Water Cleanser is a calming and effective bouncy gel wash made with Coconut Water that strengthens the skin’s surface, eliminating dead skin cells and quenching your complexion’s thirst. Using a supercharged WildBerry Harvest™ concentrate to improve water retention, alongside Kakadu Plum loaded with Vitamin C to give you a brightening boost, we can’t think of a better cleanser to get you ready for tantouring.

Gently exfoliate your face

After cleansing, it’s time to exfoliate your face gently. Say goodbye to stubborn, uneven texture and purify pores with our deliciously creamy Polish-ME Face Exfoliator. Using the same WildBerry Harvest™ concentrate for maximum hydration to refine and re-energise skin, Polish-ME gently removes dead skin cells and smooths rough patches with natural pumice to improve texture while keeping skin hydrated with superfoods. Now that’s done, we can move onto the main event - tantouring your face.

Contouring with face tan to tantour

Before giving you the secrets behind tantouring, you must equip yourself with the proper RAWW Cosmetic products. For starters, our Tropical-Glow Face Tan Elixir features 99% natural ingredients to deliver sunless face tanning for a healthy, bronzed glow. Combined with our Contoured Kabuki Brush with its dense, vegan-friendly bristles, and you’ve got the ultimate combination for contouring with face tan.

Using our Tan Elixir, apply a number-three pattern to each side of your face, starting from the temples. Glide your Kabuki Brush under the cheekbone before wrapping around the underside of your jawline. We recommend using the larger end of the brush for even application. Using the edge of the brush, or a smaller brush if handy, swipe across your eyelid and down the side of your nose. With whatever product is left on the brush, blend the Tan Elixir in circular motions across the rest of the face to create a more natural look. If you’ve misplaced your makeup tools, you can always go old-school with your fingers. Once applied, it’s time to let it dry.

How To Tantour | Raww Cosmetics

Re-hydrate with moisturiser

Good things also come to those who maintain their tantouring with a proper moisturiser like one of our Super Hydrate-Me creams. Unlike a full-body tan that can last up to a week, your face is constantly exposed, limiting its longevity. Re-hydrating your skin regularly with our Super Hydrate-ME Day Cream will quench your skin’s thirst, calm redness and prevent breakouts over time. Its antioxidant-rich formula is supercharged with Coconut Water and WildBerry Harvest™ for a moisture boost, plus vitamin-rich Kakadu Plum for a dewy, healthy glow.


Of course, nothing lasts forever, so be prepared to reapply the tantouring process every three to four days on average. Remember always to exfoliate and cleanse your skin between applications for the best tantour results. If you love RAWW Cosmetics and our superfood infused clean and Australian-made beauty, then let the feel-good vibes keep on rolling by checking out our range of lean, natural and no-nonsense makeup products. Made by Aussie babes, for Aussie babes. We produce Choose Cruelty-Free (CCF) certified products that are affordable and totally effective. Shop with us today for superfood infused skincare, makeup, aromatherapy, and so much more.