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23rd of September, 2019

Vitamin A: What You Need To Know

Jordan Hazan
Vitamin A: What you Need to Know | RAWW Cosmetics | 01

Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they come in pretty bottles and hug your face!  

When it comes to perfect skin there is no one trick wonder (bummer!) but there is an ingredient that comes close - Vitamin A, which is full of benefits for the skin from anti ageing to skin balancing. 

To give you all the super awesome benefits of Vitamin A, we have included the superfoods Moringa Oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter and Broccoli - these guys are naturally rich in Vitamin A. Some of our favourite skincare products these are found include:

Night Owl Rich Facial Oil
Activate-ME Face Moisturiser
Recover-ME Face Oil

Vitamin A For Anti Ageing:

Once we hit 25 years young, our skin produces less and less of the good stuff while it tries to battle skin damaging free radicals. Our appearance starts to lose its luminosity, becomes dull and wrinkly. Luckily with Vitamin A’s antioxidant properties we can fight these free radicals and prevent them from damaging our collagen (that stuff that keeps our skin healthy and firm). 

If being an absolute skin ninja wasn’t enough, Vitamin A helps to rebuild the skin from the inside out by increasing collagen production and speeding up cell turnover. Collagen is essential in providing structural support in the skin, this prevents fine lines and wrinkle formation and having more skin cells means our complexion becomes brighter and healthier. Snaps for Vitamin A making our skin look as fresh as a babies bum.  

Vitamin A For Problematic Skin:

Let’s talk breakouts - they’re not fun and we don't want them, end of story. When it comes to problem skin Vitamin A provides so many benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties, protects against infection and reduces blocked pores. By neutralising pesky free radicals and preventing the immune system from overreacting, Vitamin A is able to reduce inflammation helping to prevent flared up and angry skin.

With Vitamin A we are able to protect against infection by strengthening the skin barrier. A stronger skin barrier (our first line of defence) protects us from makeup, debris and bacteria from getting in. 

Breakouts and blemishes can result from a buildup under the skin, in the pores and around the hair follicles. Oil buildup under the skin (science speak - microcomedones) are invisible to the naked eye in the early stages and can form many weeks before a breakout occurs. 

Vitamin A helps to balance the skin by reducing skin sebum (oil) and shedding the outer layer of your skin to prevent blocked pores.   

To sum up, the results of inflammation reduction, sebum balancing, cell turnover and barrier strength make Vitamin A a superstar for treating problematic skin. 

Vitamin A For Pigmentation:

Memories of sundrenched days with friends should be reserved for your Insta or reminiscing over a cheeky vino - not splotched unevenly all over your face. 

Ok, nerd time - Pigmentation formation involves a series of biochemical reactions primarily involving melanin (the molecule that gives things colour) and melanin stimulating enzyme, tyrosinase (the enzyme that tells melanin to get darker). Vitamin A blocks this tyrosinase enzyme, preventing the creation of more pigmentation. 

Vitamin A also helps to push pigmentation out of the skin by making the skin turn over quicker. This means that the layers of your skin that have pigmentation in them are moved to the surface quicker and are able to be exfoliated away.