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23rd of June, 2020

7 Self Care Tips We’ve Learnt In Isolation

Jordan Hazan
7 Self Care Tips We’ve Learnt in Isolation | RAWW Cosmetics | 01

As social distancing measures around the country are lifted and we begin to gradually return to normal life, we couldn’t be more excited to get back into the swing of things.

From catching up with friends and loved ones to enjoying a meal at our favourite restaurant, there are plenty of things we can’t wait to do once we put this strange and uncertain period behind us.

But while we’re excited about the future, we’re also taking time to reflect on the past. Over the past few months, we’ve tried to make the most of the unusual circumstances and focus on taking time to build a daily self care routine. Along the way, we’ve learnt some valuable lessons about how to take care of yourself at home - and we’d love to share them with you. From the joy of baking to the benefits of outdoor exercise, read on for 7 self care tips that we’ll be sticking to for long after quarantine has ended. 

1. Outdoor Exercise Is Great 

While we’ve missed pilates classes and weight training as much as the next woman, we’ve got to say: There’s something seriously incredible about exercising outdoors. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discovered the joy of plenty of different types of outdoor exercise like running, long walks, and yoga in the park. 

Moving our gym sessions outdoors has given us a newfound appreciation for fresh air and green space - plus, it’s helped us keep our Vitamin D levels up as we move into the colder months.

2. Self Care Is Important - Every Day

Between Friday nights in and quiet, lazy weekends, we’re loving having time for self care night routines. Having a bit of extra time to exfoliate our legs or do a natural face mask has been an absolute treat for our skin, and we plan on doing a whole lot more at-home spa days (and nights!) in future.

Our favourite indulgences? At the moment, we’re loving our Buff Me Sugar Coffee Body Scrub, Super Hydrate-Me Facial Mist, and Hydrating Gel Mask.

3. Tracksuits Are A Legitimate Clothing Item

We’ll admit it: We’ve been spending most of our time wearing tracksuits lately, and we have zero regrets. There’s just no denying how comfortable and cosy tracksuits are, particularly matching sets - and with plenty of stylish options popping up on the market, it’s a win-win!

4. You Can Get A Professional Manicure At Home

One of our main takeaways from spending time in isolation is that it’s totally possible to achieve a chic, professional-looking manicure at home. Since our favourite salons have all closed temporarily, we’ve embraced at-home manicures as a convenient and affordable way to keep our nails looking super good. As a bonus, they’re plenty of fun to do.

For an easy manicure and pedicure at home, we’re loving our Kale'd It Toughen Up Base Coat and the matching nail polish. Pair your favourite colour with a lick of Kale'd It Diamond Shine Top Coat and you’ve got yourself a perfect manicure that’ll last for days.