How To Protect Your Skin From Blue Light Damage

Your SPF just earned a new BFF: Blue light skincare.

Just the same as your skin needs protection from the sun, it also needs protection from your screens. And with your mobile, tablet and laptop on high rotation, it’s time to wise up to this skin ageing side effect.

The Effects Of Blue Light On The Skin

Blue light is also known as HEV (High Energy Visible) light. It’s main source is sunlight, however it’s different to UVA and UVB in that it’s not associated with sunburn. It’s only in recent years that it’s become a concern for the skin, as our devices and screen emit the same blue light, in close proximity and often for long periods of time. And as a generation who love scrolling, Netflixing and texting, the concern that blue light side effects include wrinkles, loss of elasticity and hyperpigmentation is real.

How To Protect Your Skin From Blue Light

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on digital devices, here are some quick and easy ways to up your blue light defense:

1. Apply A Blue Light Blocking Sunscreen

If you’re already applying an SPF daily, making sure you’re using a blue light sunscreen is an easy switch. Not all sunscreens include HEV protection, so look for one that is a minimum of SPF 30, with plenty of antioxidant ingredients. And because blue light comes from the sun as well as our screens, it’s a win-win.

2. Aim For Antioxidants

Blue light skincare products can come in many different forms, from creams and oils, to blue light serums. But whatever the formula, look for antioxidants. Not only do they only help to protect the skin from blue light, but they also minimise the damage if you are exposed. 

One particular ingredient to look out for? 

Tomato extract. Found in our Day Warrior Light Facial Oil, it helps to absorb blue light before it has a chance to penetrate the skin. The oil should be applied in the morning (before any exposure to blue light) with 2-3 drops massaged into a cleansed face and neck.

Top Tip: This oil also sits well under makeup, but if you love a glowing base (and saving time in the morning), try mixing a few drops with your foundation for a blue light blocking skincare-makeup hybrid.

3. Switch Your Phone’s Light Mode

Adjusting the display of your phone screen is an easy way to minimise the dangers of blue light. Some phones have the option to adjust the ‘warmth’ of the screen to more of a yellow light, or you can simply select ‘night mode’ to reduce the brightness. Just make sure it’s still bright enough for you to read without causing eye strain.

4. Go Nuts With Nourishment

Prevention is key when it comes to suppressing blue light side effects, but there’s no harm in amping up your night time nourishment either. Our Light Beam Radiance Serum and Super Hydrate-ME Night Cream are not only a deeply hydrating duo, but they both harness the power of Acai Berry and Acai Fruit extract to reduce the appearance of pre-existing pigmentation. 

5. Keep Your Devices At A Distance

Many of us are in the habit of holding our devices directly in front of our faces when we watch, text and scroll. And it’s this exact habit that led researchers to look into the connection between blue light and wrinkles. Next time you reach for a portable screen, try holding it at arms length or nestled in your lap instead. By consciously forming this distance, it will eventually become a new behaviour and minimise your skin’s exposure to blue light over time. 

6. Learn More About Your Skin

As more evidence mounts for the correlation between blue light and skin aging, boosting your routine with blue light skincare is your best defense. And knowing whether a cream, oil or sunscreen with blue light protection is best for you, comes doing to knowing your skin and what routine will give you the healthiest complexion.

If you love learning about skincare, from anti blue light solutions to everything there is to know about Vitamin A, you can find plenty of handy tips from our beauty experts via our blog

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