The NEW Serums & Oils Range: Everything You Need To Know

More than just a pretty bottle (and they are so, so pretty, if we do say so ourselves...), the NEW superfood infused Serums and Oils pack a powerful superfood punch, doing everything from nourishing and protecting to hydrating and renewing your complexion.

The perfect addition to your skincare routine is here, and you can let your freshly glowing skin thank us later.

In this range we introduce some new guys to the superfood family, including a natural Blue Light Blocker (more on this later) that you’re going to want to get acquainted with (trust us on this, we did research and stuff): 

Tomato Extract

Tomato Extract (Lycopene) essentially acts as a Blue Light Blocker to help protect the skin against oxidative stress (which you don’t want).  Read more on Blue Light and how it can affect your skin here

Nori Extract

Move over Hyaluronic Acid, Nori has been found to retain up to 5 x more moisture than you! So we’ve used it to assist in improving skin elasticity, fighting the dreaded signs of ageing and reducing inflammation. 

Tropical Fruit Harvest

This bioactive complex (impressive, we know) is derived from 3 Australian tropical fruits – Mango, Papaya & Pineapple - which not only sounds like a delicious fruit salad, but happens to be extremely antioxidant rich, helping to accelerate the skin’s renewal process, and reveal radiant, glowing skin. 

Important Stuff: 

The whole range contains an abundance of naturally-derived ingredients (thanks, nature!), is Certified Vegan, Certified Cruelty-Free AND made in Australia. We put in the hard work so you don’t have to worry about what goes on your skin (read more on our Certifications here). 

The Break Down: 

Day Warrior Light Facial Oil

This lightweight, nourishing oil contains Tomato Extract to help naturally protect against the premature ageing effects of the Blue Light we’re exposed to everyday - making this a daily essential for anyone who finds themselves looking at screens all day…. So…. all of us.   

Superfood Heroes:
• Tomato Extract – natural Blue Light Blocker
• Pomegranate Oil – hydrating, helps to prevent breakouts
• Olive Fruit Oil – helps restore moisture in dry skin
• Rosemary Leaf Extract – natural antiseptic properties
• Passionfruit Seed Oil – high in vitamins for youthful skin

Dew Drop Hydrating Serum

Say goodbye to dry skin with this instantly hydrating gel serum! Powered by a high concentration of WildBerry HarvestTM, Aloe Vera and Nori Extracts to help soothe redness and improve skin’s texture — and it’s cute cos it’s blue!

Superfood Heroes:
• WildBerry HarvestTM – super hydration
• Nori (seaweed) Extract – helps to retain moisture
• Aloe Vera – soothes and calms dryness

Light Beam Radiance Serum

Glow like no other with this serum packed with Acai Berry and Tropical Fruit HarvestTM, providing a natural AHA that gently exfoliates to reveal smooth, radiant skin. It’s also supercharged with Nori Extract to plump up the skin with super hydration.  And, it’s naturally pink, which we love!

Superfood Heroes:
• Tropical Fruit HarvestTM – natural AHA that gently exfoliates
• Nori Extract – helps to retain moisture
• Acai Berry – brightens skin
• Aloe Vera – soothes and calms dryness

Night Owl Rich Facial Oil

Replenish and repair your skin throughout the night with this intensely nourishing oil! Blended with Moringa Seed Oil, Squalane and Rosehip Oil to heal, repair and encourage collagen product, your skin will look and feel plump and silky-smooth by the morning.

Superfood Heroes:
• Moringa Oil – promotes collagen production
• Sweet Almond Oil – helps reduce puffiness
• Jojoba Oil – helps prevent breakouts
• Rosehip Oil – heals and repairs the skin
• Rosemary Leaf Extract – natural antiseptic properties
• Squalane – deeply hydrates

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