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20th of April, 2021

The Best Natural Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Jordan Hazan
The Best Natural Skincare Routine for Dry Skin | RAWW Cosmetics | 01

If your skin often feels tight, uncomfortable or irritated, and you notice some fine lines on your forehead, you may have a dry skin type. Finding the best products to nourish dry skin can be tricky, and perfecting a skincare routine that leaves your skin feeling soft can feel impossible.

Does your cleanser ever leave your skin feeling tight? Does it feel like your moisturiser isn’t working hard enough and is absorbed too quickly? You may not be using the right skincare for dry skin!

Don’t worry, we’ve got just what you need. We’ve created the ultimate skincare routine for dry skin, for both day and night. This super complete routine gives your skin all of the hydration it needs, while protecting it from UV rays and environmental pollutants and building its protective barrier back up. Intrigued? Let’s dive in!

Your Morning Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

1. Cleanse

Step one, cleanse that beautiful face of yours. Use a gentle cleanser for dry skin that is calming and hydrating like the Super Hydrate-ME Creamy Cleanser. Infused with Kakadu Plum and Avocado Oil to promote skin renewal and even the skin tone, this super gentle cleanser helps prep your skin for makeup and your other skincare products.

2. Treat

Treat your skin to a hydrating serum that is packed full of nutrients. We recommend picking a serum that contains a high concentration of active ingredients and antioxidants that prevent damage caused by harmful free radicals. Try the Dew Drop Hydrating Serum, made with Wildberry Harvest™ that’s clinically proven for intense hydration, Aloe Vera to heal and calm dry skin and Kiwi Fruit Extract to give you brighter, happier skin.

3. Shield

Dry skin needs protection. Oftentimes, your skin feels dry because of tiny invisible cracks in the outer layer hindering its ability to retain moisture. Incorporating a facial oil into your morning routine will give it some of the moisture it desperately needs and help build its protective barrier back up. Try the Day Warrior Light Facial Oil, made with Lycopene (Tomato Extract): it acts as a natural blue light blocker to protect your skin from light emitted by smartphones and screens. Pretty cool, right?

4. Hydrate

Repeat after me: “I will never skip applying my moisturiser!” To keep dry skin moisturised, choose a specifically formulated moisturiser for dry skin like the super rich Super Hydrate-ME Day Cream. Made with RAWW’s superfood ingredient Wildberry Harvest™, it’s clinically proven to provide intense hydration. Plus, the added infusion of Apricot Kernel Oil helps to firm and smooth the skin.

5. Protect

Skincare rule number one - always finish with an SPF, even if you're inside most of the day. SPF is literally one of the best products for dry skin. Not only does it lower your risk of skin cancer, it also prevents premature aging and helps maintain even skin tone. After your skincare routine, apply the Super-Camo Foundation SPF15 for an extra dose of SPF and beautiful lightweight coverage.

Your Night Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Night is when our body relaxes and restores. Our skin regeneration peaks around 2am every day, so a good night skincare routine is essential. Here’s a complete night-time routine that will help repair your skin while you catch some zzz’s.

1. Cleanse

Your skin picks up all sorts of nasties throughout the day so you’ll want to remove the dirt and makeup before you start your night-time routine. Start with an oil-based cleanser like the Super Hydrate-ME Cleansing Oil to dissolve makeup and replenish dry skin. One of our best hydrating cleansers, it’s perfect for inflamed, dry and sensitive skin. Infused with super ingredients like Matricaria Flower and Macadamia Oil, it’s designed to hydrate and reduce inflammation, without clogging your pores. Follow up with a gentle cleanser like the Super Hydrate-ME Creamy Cleanser to remove any last traces of grit and makeup.

2. Nourish & Repair

The area under your eyes tends to be more sensitive and dry than others. A rich eye cream like the Super Hydrate-ME Eye Cream is perfect to use before bed to help keep fine lines at bay. Infused with WildBerry Harvest™ and Kakadu Plum, their super hydrating and anti-ageing properties get to work while you sleep.

3. Treat

Dry and sensitive skin needs special care, so don’t skip this step. For dry skin, we recommend going in with a hydrating serum that’s also a chemical exfoliator, like the Light Beam Radiance Serum. It’s an exfoliating serum that’s gentle enough for daily use and hydrates the skin while gently clearing away dead skin cells to improve the appearance and texture of skin. Made with Tropical Fruit Harvest™, Aloe Vera and Nori Extract, it’s perfect to soothe, calm and lock in hydration.

4. Hydrate

For super dry skin, a rich night oil is essential to renew, rehydrate and retexturize your skin as you sleep. Try the Night Owl Rich Facial Oil, made with Olive Squalane which deeply hydrates the skin and reduces fine lines and Rosehip Oil to help reduce pigmentation and heal dry skin.

5. Heal & Seal

Applying a richer, heavier night cream before bed works to care and repair your skin as you sleep, sealing in the active ingredients in your serum and oil. Try the Super Hydrate-ME Night Cream, made with Apricot Kernel Oil to help firm and smooth the skin plus Acai Fruit Oil which helps to fight premature aging and reduce pigmentation.

How To Take Care Of Dry Skin In Winter

As we head into winter, dry skin tends to get worse. Skin becomes dry when its surface gets damaged and in most cases it's caused by factors like cold weather, harsh wind, low moisture in the air, and hot water from showers and baths. The skin develops tiny invisible cracks in the outer layer, allowing environmental irritants in and interfering with its ability to maintain hydration properly. If you’ve been wondering how to take care of dry skin in winter, check out our ultimate winter skincare routine and master your winter beauty routine!

Shop Skincare For Dry Skin

Now that you know which products to apply to treat dry skin, it’s time to shop the best skincare for dry skin. Browse our natural skincare packed with superfood ingredients, and enjoy skin that feels fresh, hydrated, and anything but flaky!