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11th of April, 2022

The Best Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Jordan Hazan
Unique Mother’s Day Gifts | RAWW Cosmetics | 01

Only just realised that Mother’s Day 2022 is nearly upon us here in Australia? This is a special time of year when we celebrate the most important women in our lives, so it is time to think about what gifts, packs or vouchers you will get to show her how much you care.

These gifts lie outside the realms of chocolates and flowers and are more likely to leave an impression.

At RAWW Cosmetics, we have gifts that lie outside the realms of chocolates and flowers and are more likely to leave an impression. Check out our handy Mother’s Day gift guide to find affordable, Australian-made gift ideas to celebrate your mum in 2022.

Hand & Body Kit

Give Mum a DIY luxury spa experience with our lush Hand & Body Kit. Filled with superfood infused products for maximum hydration, this unique gift pack includes a Sugar Coffee Body Scrub to improve circulation and refine skin texture, and our enriched Nourish Me Hand Cream soothes and rejuvenates dry hands.

Packed with superfood ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Wildberry Harvest, Goji Berry and Moringa, these luxurious products will nourish skin from the inside out, giving your mum the relaxing, rejuvenating experience that she deserves. For just $29.99 this unique Mother’s Day gift pack is the perfect way to indulge in a spa break without ever having to leave the house.

Good Morning Aromatherapy Kit

Show your mum that you care this Mother’s Day in Australia with our affordable Aroma set - the invigorating Good Morning Aromatherapy Kit for $59.99 (valued at $76.98). A Mother’s Day gift idea highlighting our Morning Motivation Pure Essential Oil blend, packed with natural ingredients like lemon myrtle, mandarin, lemongrass, and geranium, and perfectly paired with our energizing Ultrasonic Diffuser in gorgeous blush pink, to make every morning a good morning.

Sleeping Beauty Aromatherapy Kit

What better gift is there than the assurance of a good night’s sleep? Discover the unique blend of essential oils with our Beauty Sleep Bestie Blend and Diffuser with this amazing Mother’s Day gift pack. Experience the peaceful, relaxing effects of our combination of lavender, cedarwood, marjoram, orange, valerian and chamomile, and treat your mum to the wonders of our Sleeping Beauty Aromatherapy Kit for $59.99 (valued at $76.98).

Reset Button Skincare Kit

Looking for the perfect skincare gift pack? Say hello to our 3 in 1 Reset Button Skincare Kit. Infused with moisture-boosting Wildberry Harvest for revitalised skin, this luxurious pack includes a hydrating Micellar Cleansing Water, pore-minimising Mist Toner, and anti-aging Fine Line Serum, each packed with nourishing superfoods to target the early signs of aging and revitalise all skin types. Get $66.97 worth of value for just $39.99 with this skin-loving pack that is perfect for your 2022 Mother’s Day gift.

Be Kind, Unwind Skincare Kit

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas with excellent value in 2022? Our Be Kind, Unwind Skincare kit offers itself as the perfect gift pack, filled with soothing products containing Aloe Vera and Wildberry Harvest to refresh and hydrate dry skin for the ultimate complexion. Containing a Dew Drop Hydrating Serum, Activate-ME Face Moisturiser and Facial Sculpting Gua Sha, you can treat Mum to a bit of super-luxe ‘me-time’ every day. For just $49.99, get $89.97 worth of value, with this unique Mother’s Day gift.

Still Not Sure What Mum Would Like? Why Not Try Our Mother’s Day Gift Cards!

If you are still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas and you are not sure which option in our gift guide your mum would like the most, try one of our RAWW Cosmetics Gift Card vouchers! Redeemable online at rawwcosmetics.com Australia, these vouchers allow you to choose your amount, and have an e-gift card delivered straight to your inbox. Super easy, and an ideal last-minute gift.

For more information about how we at RAWW Cosmetics can help you find the best Mother’s Day gift ideas with our unique gift guides, vouchers, and packs, contact us today and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.