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15th of February, 2022

Micellar Water: What is It, How to Use It & the Benefits

Jordan Hazan
Micellar Water: What is It, How to use & benefits | RAWW Cosmetics | 01

Have you experienced the wonder that is Micellar Water? This deceptively simple product has become one of the most beloved steps for skincare routines around the world, and we are here to show you why.

Micellar water is essentially a multi-use tonic that can be employed as a makeup remover, cleanser, or toner. Containing purified water, mild surfactants and handy things called ‘micelles’, Micellar Water is ideal for cleansing and hydrating the skin. With an ability to attract and trap dirt, makeup, and other pollutants your skin may be exposed to, it works to dissolve impurities so that they can be swiftly wiped away.

What Makes Micellar Water Different from a Normal Cleanser?

With a cleansing element, Micellar Water works much in the same way as a normal cleanser. Micellar Water is a popular skin cleanser alternative, however, because it removes dirt and makeup with minimal to no irritation, which is especially important to people with sensitive skin, or those who are interested in minimising the number of chemicals within their products.

Micellar water works by using surfactants that surround oil particles and dirt found on the surface of the skin, then draw them away into a solution. When micelles encounter stubborn makeup stains on your face, for example, they will swell and bubble for easier removal.

5 Ways to Use Micellar Water

There are several ways to integrate Micellar Water into your skincare and makeup routines. Here are 5 to get you started:
  1. Use it as a makeup remover: Simply soak a cotton pad in the Micellar Water and gently sweep across the areas where you have applied your makeup.

  2. Go for a quick cleanse: With its hydrating and purifying properties, you can use a cotton pad saturated with Micellar Water to rub across your face to draw out impurities. With no need to rinse afterwards, you can simply continue with your normal skincare routine.

  3. Double as a toner: After using your favourite cleanser, simply pour some of the Micellar Water into your hands and gently pat the formula onto the skin and wait for it to absorb.

  4. Correct any makeup mishaps: We’ve all had a slip with eyeliner or smudged our lipstick, so why not dip a cotton bud into the Micellar and gently go over the area you want to fix up. Create clear, striking edges with this handy technique.

  5. Clean your makeup brushes: It’s not only your face that benefits from a little TLC with Micellar. Pour a small amount of the Micellar Water into a clean bowl and mix the ends of your brushes around inside to remove excess makeup and bacteria. Gently pat them on a dry cloth to remove any left-over solution and lay them down to dry.

Benefits of Micellar Water

There are endless benefits to using Micellar Water in your skincare routine, along with it being a much more environmentally friendly option.

With its carefully designed formula, every Micellar option is gentler than traditional cleansers, keeping them from irritating the skin or removing any good oils while cleansing. As an all-in-one product, it is simple to use to remove makeup, oil, and dirt with a wipe of a cotton ball or pad.

Micellar Water has also been proven to be more hydrating than alternatives like makeup wipes. With the absence of any alcohol-based ingredients, the skin is left softer, smoother, and more refreshed. Their ability to be applied to practically any skin type makes Micellar Water one of the more versatile and beneficial products to add to your skincare or makeup regime.

Introducing Remove-Me Micellar Water

So, now you know all about the liquid gold that is Micellar Water, why not start your journey to cleaner, more nourished skin with our Remove-Me Micellar Water at RAWW Cosmetics? Infused with superfoods like coconut water, Kakadu plum, wildberry harvest and witch hazel, this formula is a perfect choice to introduce Micellar Water to your routine. With moisturizing, pore minimizing and brightening properties, your skin will instantly feel fresher, firmer, and more hydrated. We guarantee that you will love it as much as we do!

Who Can Use Micellar Water?

Every skin type can benefit from using Micellar Water in one way or another. There are, however, those that will enjoy the use of this product more than others. For example, those with skin that experience regular breakouts may find Micellar Water leaves a layer on the skin that can block pores. Whereas those with a dry skin type will love the hydrating, nourishing aspects of Micellar Water, as it can leave the skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. Take a look at this quick breakdown of the benefits of our Micellar Water for different skin types:
  • Oily and combination skin: Micellar Water ingredients are paired to help remove excess oils and offer a balanced complexion, leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking great.

  • Dull and sensitive skin: Micellar Water is alcohol-free and filled with a range of superfoods like Kakadu plum and wildberry harvest, avoiding irritation and inflammation upon application, and helping to add a glow to your skin, brightening your whole complexion as a result.

  • Dry and sensitive skin: Our Micellar Water has a formulation of refreshing coconut water filled with tiny micelles that focuses on extra hydration, offering milkier consistencies to help nourish your dry skin.

Discover More Skincare Secrets with RAWW

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