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11th of January, 2021

Our 5-Step Makeup Routine For Glowing Skin

Jordan Hazan
Get your Glow On: Our 5-Step Makeup Routine for Glowing Skin | RAWW Cosmetics | 01

Nothing looks better than naturally glowing skin, but we all need a little help to maintain a dewy, illuminated look throughout the year. With RAWW Cosmetics, you can nurture your skin with natural ingredients and give your skin that subtle glow year-long.

It goes without saying that the first step in achieving glowing skin is perfecting your skincare routine. Before reaching for your makeup bag, follow our all-natural skincare routine for glowing skin and nourish your skin with our hydrating skincare to keep your skin feeling great.

Now that you’ve done the prep, it’s time to play with makeup to add a subtle glow...

Step 1: Prime Your Skin

Makeup primer is without a doubt the foundation of every makeup routine. This essential step creates a smooth base for makeup and guarantees a flawless finish for your foundation and concealer. For SUPER glowy skin, choose a dewy and hydrating primer that will nourish and illuminate your skin.

Wildberry Boost Primer is infused with an invigorating cocktail of superfoods, including coconut water and our SUPER special WildBerry Harvest™ blend, Licorice Root and Rosehip Oil. Giving you the perfect base for makeup application, this dewy primer is the ideal way to start your glowing skin routine.

Step 2: Apply Foundation

It’s time to move on to your foundation. At RAWW Cosmetics, we believe in using hydrating foundations with buildable coverage. This allows you to cover up imperfections while keeping a “real skin” look and show off your naturally glowing skin.

Our  Super-Camo Foundation SPF15 is a creamy, blendable formula that delivers a supremely satin finish, so it’s the best foundation for a dewy glow. Say goodbye to foundation, and say hello to dewy skin!

Top Tip: To get a flawless finish, apply your foundation with our Contoured Kabuki Brush to stipple and blend.

Step 3: Use Illuminator

If you want to know how to make your skin glow, an illuminator is your secret weapon. Our Acai Berry Glow Illuminator can be applied directly to cheekbones and blended seamlessly with the built-in buffing brush. Available in three shades, Strawberry Glow, Lychee Glow and Honey Glow, you’ll be able to find the best highlighter shade for you!

Top Tip: Not sure where to apply highlighter? Apply it to the top of your cheekbones, along your brow bones, on your cupid’s bow and down the bridge of your nose - and use the integrated buffing brush to blend!

Step 4: Make Your Lips Pop

When you want to look radiant, it isn’t all about your skin. A little bit of lip gloss will make your lips pop and the subtle shine on your lips will complete the dewy look perfectly. To make your lips pop even more, apply a tinted lip gloss that will make your lips soft and super kissable.

Our Coconut Plump Lip Gloss is made with all-natural ingredients that will naturally add volume to your lips so you can get deliciously fuller lips without the sting. Plus, it’s available in three gorgeous shades!

Step 5: Complete The Look With Longer Lashes

The last step in your glowing skin routine is a sweep of mascara. And the best part is: that’s all of the eye makeup you’ll need for this look. When you’re rocking a dewy, natural look, you don’t need to go big on the eye makeup or lip colour. Simply opting for a trusty lengthening mascara will make your eyes pop without taking any of the attention away from your dewy natural makeup look.

Top Tip: With a sleep of  Flutter Lash Lengthening Mascara, you can nourish your lashes with Argan Oil and Coconut Oil and make them look better than ever.

Get your glow on now

Now you know how to get glowing skin naturally, what are you waiting for?! With free shipping on all orders over $50 and super-fast delivery, you can get glowing skin an instant.