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19th of September, 2023

It's Time To Get Active!

Stephanie Sloothaak
Natural Superfood Infused Skincare Serums and Oils | Raww Cosmetics

Looking for serious results? Then it’s time to get active! Whether you’re looking to tackle breakouts, smooth skin texture or boost brightness, we have the right Active Ingredients to get your complexion back on track. 

  Active Ingredients | Serums & Face Oils | Raww Cosmetics



Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a natural or synthetic compound used in skincare and medicine. It exfoliates, treats acne, improves skin texture, fades discoloration, and has anti-inflammatory properties for healthier skin.

Dew Drop Hydrating Serum

Restore balance, fight redness, and forget dry, patchy skin with this moisture-boosting serum!

Brightening and calming with a lightweight texture, Dew Drop Hydrating Serum is certified cruelty-free and truly suitable for all skin types.
Its natural vegan formula is supercharged with a concentration of skin-loving superfoods including Aloe Vera to soothe and heal, Nori Extract to reduce sensitivity and lock in moisture, plus WildBerry Harvest™, which is clinically proven to intensely hydrate.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, this water-based hydrating serum will quench and revitalise your complexion. Your first port of call on clean, dry skin, and perfect under moisturiser, Dew Drop really is The One. 

Light Beam Radiance Serum

Forget dull, lacklustre skin and shine bright with Light Beam Radiance Serum!

This natural exfoliant uses fruit acid to dissolve rough patches – but it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and everyday wear.
Boosted with certified vegan and cruelty-free superfoods, Light Beam’s heroes include Tropical Fruit Harvest™: a blend of Mango, Papaya and Pineapple. This wonder ingredient is rich in AHAs (natural exfoliating acids); the secret to a clean and gentle but effective way to renew the top layer of the skin and improve its texture. Meanwhile, Acai Berry helps to fade dark spots and pigmentation over time.

With a lightweight feel, this hydrating water-based serum lets your skin glow from within. Discover glowing radiance and a smooth, clear complexion with Light Beam Radiance Serum.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient found in various foods and supplements. It provides numerous benefits, including antioxidant protection, collagen production, and immune system support.

Vitamin C Brightening Serum

With 2% Stabilised Vitamin C for bright + bouncy skin.

Brighten and even the appearance of skin with this energising superfood infused face serum. With 2% stabilised Vitamin C that remains potent and effective, together with Kakadu Plum for an extra fresh kick of natural Vitamin C, dark spots and pigmentation don't stand a chance. Our super-fresh combo of Pomegranate and Caffeine will further help to rejuvenate and energize your skin.



Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, is a skincare ingredient known for its benefits. It helps improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, fade dark spots, and regulate oil production.

Pomegranate Complexion Primer

A skin-perfecting formula with brightening Pomegranate Oil and reparative Niacinamide.

Innovative, clean, and cruelty-free, this formula is infused with Pomegranate Seed Oil, which helps enhance youthful skin. This star ingredient is an anti-inflammatory extract that aids skin repair and increases collagen production while helping to protect against UV damage and skin-ageing pollution.

Pomegranate Complexion Primer is also infused with strengthening and soothing Bamboo Extract, plus Niacinamide. Great for all skin types, including sensitive, Pomegranate Complexion Primer perfects your base for perfectly flawless makeup and nourished skin all day long.


Bakuchiol (natural retinol alternative)

Bakuchiol is a plant-derived compound considered a natural retinol alternative. It offers skin benefits like reducing wrinkles, improving skin texture, and enhancing collagen production without retinol's potential irritations.

Bakuchiol Boost Face Oil

Retinol who? Banish breakouts, wrinkles, and pigmentation with this kinder alternative to Vitamin A!

Say hello to Bakuchiol Boost Face Oil with 2% Bakuchiol - a powerful alternative to Vitamin A. The certified vegan and cruelty free formula helps skin truly glow with up to 50% less redness in 7 days, 30% reduction in breakout severity and 38% improvement in the appearance of wrinkles – in just 12 weeks (clinical study of 17 Australian women).
This face oil is ideal for clean beauty lovers, plus those with sensitive skin or who react to standard retinoids. It is safe for use day or night as it doesn’t break down under UV exposure like retinol.



AHAs, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids, are chemical compounds used in skincare for their exfoliating properties. They benefit the skin by removing dead cells, improving texture, and promoting a radiant complexion.

Caviar Lime AHA Resurfacing Serum

With 4% AHAs to help renew textured + pigmented skin.

An exfoliating serum with 4% AHAs and Australian Caviar Lime to help resurface your skin and reveal a more refreshed and silky-smooth complexion. Our super-fresh combo of Papaya, Hemp, and Cucumber work together to hydrate and soothe during the exfoliation process.


Active ingredient serums can be powerful allies in your skincare routine. Whether you're targeting acne, signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, or simply aiming for a healthy, radiant complexion, there's likely a serum out there with the right active ingredients for you.

These serums offer concentrated doses of potent compounds salicylic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide, bakuchiol, AHAs and more, designed to address specific skin concerns. However, it's essential to choose serums that match your skin type and concerns, introduce them gradually, and use sun protection as some ingredients can make your skin more sun sensitive.

Remember that patience is key with active ingredient serums. Results often take time to manifest, so consistent use over several weeks or even months is necessary for the best outcomes. If you're unsure about which serums are right for you, consulting a dermatologist or skincare professional can help you create a personalized regimen tailored to your unique needs.

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