How To Make An Aromatherapy Air Freshener

There’s a long list of things aromatherapy is great for. But one that you may not have considered, is making your own essential oil air freshener.

If you’ve ever wondered how to use essential oils to scent a room or car (sans diffuser), this step-by-step is easy, environmentally friendly and good for you!

Homemade vs Store-Bought Air Fresheners

Traditional store-bought air fresheners are made using artificial fragrances, which have no benefits for your mind and body. In fact, health experts have questioned just how healthy they actually are. Plug-in air fresheners in particular can contain toxic substances, not to mention, the packaging these fragrances are housed in are typically made from plastic and unrecyclable.

Compared to a homemade essential oil room spray or freshener (and using the best smelling essential oil blends) you’ll not only reap the benefits of beautiful fragrance, but also the therapeutic qualities they possess.

By choosing to DIY, you can use your essential oils for odour elimination, as well as to create an uplifting, energising or relaxing atmosphere, depending on your scent selection and preference.  

The Best Smelling Essential Oils For The Job

Before we get started on the step-by-step, you’ll need to know which essential oil or oils you’d like to use. Here’s a few of our favourites, which can be used to make both an essential oil car air freshener or homemade air freshener spray.


If you’ve been wondering which essential oils are good for removing smells - citrus is the answer. Lemon in particular is quite neutralising and our Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil has the added benefit of reviving and invigorating the mind. It’s a great alternative for those who enjoy a eucalyptus air freshener, but want a scent that’s less overpowering for the car.


A peppermint air freshener is an excellent choice for the office or bathroom. The minty fresh aroma of our Peppermint Pure Essential Oil helps to awaken the senses and fight off mental-fatigue at work, so both your morning shower and 3pm slump will get a much needed aromatherapy boost. It’s also great for soothing headaches and back pain, making it an excellent choice for a DIY aromatherapy heat pack, too.


This stress-relieving and calming essential oil is ideal for creating a tranquil environment. And who doesn’t want to walk into an instantly relaxing space? If you’ve fallen head over heels for a sandalwood air freshener before, cedarwood could too steal your heart. Our Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil also pairs beautifully with other essential oils; Try it with our Frankincense Pure Essential Oil and Lavender Pure Essential Oil to create a powerful, de-stressing blend. 

How To Make A DIY Air Freshener With Essential Oils

Now it’s time to get down to business; Making your aromatherapy air freshener. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1: Create Your Customised Air Freshener Scent

Add several good shakes of our Superfood Concentrate Fractionated Coconut Oil into your empty metal dish. Then take your chosen Pure Essential Oil and add 10-20 drops. Combine using a metal spoon. These two together form your air freshener scent.

Step 2: Infuse Your Air Freshener 

Place the wooden cut-out into the dish, submerging it completely into your freshly made mixture. Cover with aluminium foil and leave for 24 to 48 hours, until the oil has absorbed into the wooden cut-out. Once the time is up, remove the wooden cut-out from the dish and pat dry with paper towel.

Step 3: Finishing Touches 

Use your thin ribbon or string to create a loop that will allow you to hang your new air freshener from your rearview mirror, a hook in your home (or anywhere you like!).

Top Tip: For a DIY essential oil room spray, use the same measurement of ingredients, only rather than soaking a wooden cut out in the solution, simply syphon it into a spray bottle along with 1 cup of water. Shake well and you’re ready to spritz.

Quality Ingredients For Peace Of Mind

Not all essential oils are made the same, so when selecting yours, make sure they’re free of any additional nasties (you are going to be breathing it in after all). All of our Essential Oils are 100% pure from a single botanical source, so you can shop online with total peace of mind. Or if you prefer to be sure of your scent, find your nearest stockist to hand-pick your favourites in person.

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