Our Secrets to the Trending Barely-There Makeup Routine

Natural makeup looks are taking over! If you’ve been on TikTok or Insta lately, you’ve probably seen buzzwords and hashtags like #skinimalism, #barefacedbeauty, #backtobasics, #resetyourglow, #naturalbeauty and #minimalmakeup.

Read on to find out why you should consider changing to the barely-there makeup look, and a few handy tips and tricks to help you get the ultimate look each and every time...

Why Choose a Foundation Free Makeup Routine?

In the past few years, more and more beauty experts, vloggers and influencers have endorsed the barely-there makeup trend. They love how going foundation-free can transform your skin, and how it complements the skin positivity movement.

This natural, less-is-more makeup look has real visible benefits. Applying less makeup allows you to avoid ingredients that can be harmful to the skin, such as foundations with silicones and nasty oils, which suffocate the skin and lead to clogged pores, acne and contact dermatitis.

Without that layer of foundation, your skin has a better opportunity to breathe, and to look and feel fresh. So replace your full coverage makeup with healthy, minimal touches of face tans here, a few applications of elixirs there, a dash of mascara action, and create a natural makeup look that lets your real skin shine through.

If this sounds like a drastic change and you’re not quite ready to give up your foundation just yet, try an organic, natural, clean foundation like our Super-Camo foundation which contains skin-loving superfoods like ​​turmeric to calm, soothe and help clear your complexion, plus flaxseed to tone and plump.

Our 6-Step Barely-There Makeup Routine

Funnily enough, getting that natural, no-makeup look still takes a bit of work. The good news is there are so many amazing, glow-inducing makeup products out there, making it simple to create a makeup routine that ditches your foundation.

Here’s our routine for anyone who craves this barely-there makeup look:

1. Apply face tan in the evening

It goes without saying that creating a clean base for your makeup is very important. For this reason, it pays to have a well organised cleansing and moisturising routine in the evening.

Once complete, apply a face tan like our Tropical-Glow Face Tan Elixir, and wake up the next morning with an all-over glow and a more even skin texture. The beauty of face tans: they’re easy to apply, and act like a summer holiday in a bottle, complete with delightful fragrances and exotic superfoods that leave your face feeling fresh.

Our superfood-infused face tan elixir gradually builds colour and glow. The tropical pomegranate and pink dragon fruit extracts calm and revive skin, while the super-fresh aloe vera, Davidson plum and coconut water soothe and promote healthy looking skin.

2. Add radiance with a skincare-makeup hybrid

No matter how much makeup you wear, one of the essentials to great looking skin is hydration. This is why skincare-makeup hybrids can be such an effective addition to your morning skincare routine.

Skincare-makeup hybrids help protect and hydrate skin, adding superb radiance while blurring away imperfections until they’re a distant memory. This mix of skincare and makeup feels a lot lighter too, not to mention the time-saving benefit of cutting out a step or two from your daily routine.

Finish your morning skincare routine with a skincare-makeup hybrid, such as our Superfood Crystal Glow Elixir, which features super hydrating coconut water and wildberries, as well as soothing, healing aloe vera, and other nourishing superfoods.

3. Fill in your brows

Now we move on to accentuating your look with beautiful brows! The trick here is to shape and nourish your brows with products that are effective and easy-to-use, such as our Babassu Oil Brow Fix.

Our oil brow fix provides a classic, natural pencil with built-in spoolie to tame, groom, fill and define your brows on the go. The soft texture and organic plant oils formula nourishes the hair follicles with non-drying Babassu oil and avocado oil, while organic beeswax holds the brows in place without being stiff and chalky.

Use light, feathered strokes to define your brow shape and to fill in gaps. Shape accordingly using the in-built spoolie, gently draw hair-like strokes on the brows, then brush brows again to even out and set in place.

4. Apply a nourishing mascara

Just because we’re not using foundation doesn’t mean you can’t use mascara to frame your eyes, and to make those lashes look deeper, longer, thicker, curlier, and more beautiful.

Our Loaded Lash Volume Mascara does just that, adding volume and rich pigment to your lashes while stimulating and moisturising them with superfood ingredients like coconut oil and Moringa, plus protein-rich Chia seed for strength and vitality.

The super dense pine cone wand applies intense pigment that coats every lash while separating them for a maximum lash boost. Your lashes will be so thick and luscious, chances are you won’t even need any liner.

5. Add colour with multi-purpose face tints

It’s time to sculpt your face and add some colour to your complexion, eyes and lips with multi-purpose Superfood Face Tints. These one pot wonders add glowing colour to your look with Vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum that boosts skin vitality.

This creamy formula melts beautifully into your skin, brightening your eyes, adding shape to your face, and enhancing your lips. Our combo of mango butter, avocado oil and coconut oil helps to further hydrate and brighten your complexion.

Available in a variety of shades, our face tints offer lightweight coverage that evens out your skin without masking it entirely. The result is a gorgeous glow that makes it look like you’re barely wearing makeup at all.

6. Apply the finishing touches

Finally, finish off your barely-there makeup look with a touch more Crystal Glow to highlight your highpoints. Like the best makeup artists, a little goes a long way. Lightly applying these products also helps ensure a truly natural makeup look.

Any other skincare additions you make are bound to feel fresh and alive with this foundation free makeup routine, as your chosen products will have time to settle into your skin and mix in with your natural oils.

Try out the natural makeup look for yourself today

If you care about what goes on your skin and where it comes from, choose RAWW. We believe in feel-good vibes and injecting healthy superfoods into our Australian-made beauty products for all.
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