Concealer Hacks

Not just for concealing, our Camouflage Concealer Pencils are the ultimate multi-taskers!

1. Use ‘Almond’ To Brighten The Undereye Area, Cover Blemishes, And Carve Brows.

Draw an unpside down triangle under each eye and colour in. 
Create a fan shape from the mid forehead to the mid brow with the middle line extending down the bridge of the nose. 
Line above and below the eyebrows from the arch to the tip.
Draw lines from under the lower lip to the jawline.
Using our favourite small brush blend the creamy formula into the skin.

2. Use ‘Cinnamon’ To Contour And Define Facial Features

On each side of the face draw from your hairline to mid cheek under your cheekbones.
From the harline end extend upwards to just above the brow and downwards following the jawline to the chin. 
Draw a line down each side of the noce flicking inwards at the tip.
Colour the inner third under the lower lip.
Blend away with your favourite foundation brush!


3. Use ‘Ginger’ As An Eyeshadow To Make Your Eyes Pop!

To finish your camouflage makeup look colour in the eyelids and blend.

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