The Best In-Flight Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin On Holiday

Picture this: You’ve booked a flight to your dream destination, packed your cutest holiday wardrobe, and got your selfie stick at the ready…only to touch down with skin that’s less than picture perfect. Let’s face it - we’ve all been there.

Between leaving home and arriving in a new city, it’s easy to slack off on your skincare routine.

Why not use your time in the air as a chance to treat yourself to some next-level pampering? Nourish your skin with our in-flight beauty essentials and arrive at your destination with a first class glow.

Meet Your New In-Flight Skincare Routine

1. Keep Hydrated

This is a no-brainer everyday, but hydration is particularly important on planes, where air conditioning and high cabin pressure can seriously dry out your skin. Luckily, there are many different ways to hydrate your skin, starting with the obvious: Drink plenty of water. As a rule, we aim to drink at least 200mL (about a small glass) of water for every hour in the air. Fill up your favourite reusable bottle and get sipping - your skin will thank you later!

Another key to in-flight skin hydration is skipping coffee and alcohol. We know it’s tempting, but think of it this way: You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy both while you’re on holiday, but in the air they’ll only dehydrate you. Instead, reach for the in-flight menu and fill up on water-rich foods like watermelon, citrus, and lettuce.

2. Keep It Simple

We love makeup as much as the next girl, but there’s a time and place for everything. On a flight, makeup can clog your pores and attract dirt and other environmental pollutants in the closed cabin, leaving you with dry, congested skin. So let your skin breathe and leave the makeup in your check-in baggage. 

If makeup-free isn’t your thing (which is totally fine), choose a hydrating foundation or mineral powder to provide lightweight, nourishing coverage. For protection from free radicals and a coconut-lime scent that smells like holidays in a bottle, we recommend our Wildberry Nourish Foundation.

3. Layer Your Skincare

When it comes to in-flight skin care, more really is more. Don’t just ‘set and forget’: Reapply your favourite nourishing products throughout the journey, particularly if you’ve got a long flight.

Don’t be afraid to be that woman masking on a long haul flight or spritzing on a mist for the millionth time. Your list of obligations while on holiday may be short, but skin hydration is right at the top.

Pack These Travel Beauty Products With Your Boarding Pass

Now that you’ve got your routine sorted, here’s what to pack in a carry on. Since you still need a clear toiletry bag for air travel on most airlines, why not ditch the single use plastic bags they give out at the airport and treat yourself to our SUPER Good Toiletry Bag? Splash-resistant, cute, and great for the environment - it’s a win-win.

For our pick of the best in-flight beauty products to fill it with, we can’t live without:

  • Super Hydrate-ME Facial Mist

A fresh, fruity blend of Kakadu Plum, Acai Fruit Oil, and our signature WildBerry Harvest makes Super Hydrate-ME Facial Mist the best mist for flying. Spritz it on generously to hydrate and tone your skin in seconds.

  • Superfood Salad Hydrating Gel Mask

Our secret weapon for maintaining skin hydration on long flights? Gel masks. Our SUPERFOOD SALAD Hydrating Gel Mask is a hydrating mask sensitive skin and skin prone to dryness on flights will drink up. Slather it on with the included brush to avoid contaminating the pot, then sit back and enjoy your spa experience at 35,000 feet.

  • Activate-ME Face Moisturiser

A serious frontrunner for best travel moisturiser, our Activate-ME Face Moisturiser provides lightweight hydration without the shine. Kakadu Plum brings a boost of skin-brightening Vitamin C, while Coconut Water firms your skin in-flight. 

  • From The Earth Loose Mineral Powder

Going makeup-free isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you would prefer a little coverage on your flight, we recommend our From the Earth Loose Mineral Powder. Packed in a no-mess pot that’s perfect for carry-ons, infused with Goji Berry, Cranberry, Coconut, and refining Kaolin Clay...what’s not to love?

Natural Skincare Is The Best In-Flight Skincare

For healthy holiday skin that glows long before you hit the beach, you can’t go past natural travel beauty products. Learn more about natural beauty on our blog, or shop online today for free standard shipping on all orders over $60. 

We even offer AfterPay, so you can enjoy glowing holiday skin now and pay later - score!

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