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Natural face masks to make your skin glow

Honestly, is there anything better than treating your skin to a whole lotta TLC with a face mask? Our daily skincare routines are super important, but there’s something special about setting aside some time just for YOU and applying a mask that brightens, hydrates, nourishes, exfoliates or firms.  To get naturally glowing skin, check out our range of superfood-infused face masks and sheet masks. The countdown to your next DIY pamper session starts now!

Self-care meets skincare with our hydrating face masks

Face masks are the perfect way to SUPERcharge your skincare routine and treat yourself to some me-time while you’re at it! We love slathering on a mask once or twice a week to tackle any pesky skin concerns and take a step towards clear, radiant skin.

Since face masks are made with concentrated ingredients, they give your skin a hit of whatever it’s craving the most. Maybe it’s hydration or brightening, or maybe it’s a good ol’ detox. The best part? You don’t have to stick to the same organic face mask all the time. If your complexion is craving more than one thing, you can multi-mask and let each mask work its magic to get you the glowy skin of your dreams. 

To dial up the self-care, try chilling out while your mask is on. Listen to music, catch up on the last ep of The Bachelor, or close your eyes and take a mini nap. Every time you apply a mask is a chance for a lil’ pamper session, so make the most of it!

When you’re ready to rinse off your mask, don’t forget to follow up with your usual toner, serum, moisturiser or face oil for the most radiant results.

Nothing but natural for our babes

Just like the rest of our range, our face masks are packed with superfoods for skin. These antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients feed the skin the all-natural way, and we choose each ingredient carefully.

Think Coconut Water to hydrate and invigorate the skin, Green Tea to tighten pores and keep excess oil under control, and Moringa to boost collagen production and promote plump, healthy skin. Not just for your superfood salads, Kale is rich in Vitamin K to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while Kakadu Plum is essential for firm, glowing skin. Fun fact: this homegrown fruit contains more Vitamin C than an orange! Then there are the oils: Sweet Orange Oil smells divine, and works to increase blood flow for healthy, radiant skin, and classic Rosehip Oil is bursting with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and fatty acid to smooth the texture of the skin. 

Many of our collagen face masks are also infused with the WildBerry Harvest, a powerful blend of three Aussie berries that hydrate the skin and turn up your glow.

Feel-good face masks

We’re committed to sustainable beauty, and we’re super proud to hold certifications that reflect our mission. Our skincare is Australian-made and certified vegan and cruelty-free, which means we never, ever test on animals. 

Along with choosing clean ingredients for our skincare, we follow ethical business practices from start to finish. For you, this means you can apply your face mask knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment as well as your skin.

Get ready for your next at-home spa day with our range of face masks. Shop face masks for dry skin, face masks for sensitive skin and face masks for acne and Stock up on face masks for glowing skin, no matter your skin type!